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 .... . _ or part of two days. I!
 .... 2 Twelve treatments, assuming he .got nauseated
 8 for each treatment and maybe he doesn_t_ but you don't know
 4 that. Twenty four hospital days _n somebody who has a
 5 survival -- a median survlval of less than six months.
 8 I_e taken one month of his life away, nearly, to give him
 Z in-hosplta% treatment.
 ._.,_ 8 Those same patients manage themselves at home
 9 with marijuana and have that extra 24 days to be with their
 I0 loved ones.
 11 Q Doctor, you referred earlier to the
 12 acceptance of marijuana in the medical cosmunlty.
 13 Who is in the medical community? What would
 ._/ 14 you define the medical communlty as?
 15 A My peers® The people that I share call with_
 16 the people that I go to conferences with, not _ust in San
 IZ Francisco_ but _n Los Angeles end San Diego, and in New
 18 York and everywhere _ go.
 I% Q How do patients factor into that? Do they
 ....... 20 constitute part of the medical community as well, or is
 2_ that a separate communlty?
 22 A Weil_ _ think _hat they're probably separate
 23 communit_eso We listen to what pan, lends say. We try and
 24 interact with our patients. And i:E our patients begin to
 25 _ell us repetlt_vely that something works, llke with the

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