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 I samples, or four different stock sizes, I suspect my kid is
 2 bright enough to learn the difference between them, and
 3 when he needs more and when he has had enough° And I think
 4 that most patients know that, too°
 5 The patients in my office, in my experience,
 8 are not smoking to get hlgh_ to Set _uphorlc_ to freak outs
 7 to Jump from roof to roofs they're _moking marijuana to get
 8 relief of suffering, which _s really what medical oncology
 9 is about.
 10 Q Doctor, durlng your cross-examination, the
 11 subject of in_hospltal use versus home use came up0
 12 Can you explain to me what you mean, and how
 13 does this affect msri_uana's use?
 -_ 14 Wher_ does this fac%ox" in to that?
 15 A Wells the use of ant.l-nausea medications in
 16 complex programs are technlcally impossible in the setting
 I 17 of private practice°
 18 Marijuana is not technically impossible. The
 19 impacts again going back to a young_ gay man with lymphoma
 20 who gets 12 treatments. If I had to hospitalize him over
 21 nlght, X would basically take somebody with a median
 22 survival of leas _han six months_ p_t them in the hospital,
 23 at somebody's costs we're not conc:erned about economics,
 24 fo= a minimum of two days° One day Ins one day to get his
 25 treatment, and the next day to go home. So he's lost all

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