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 151 _
 when you got to neutral, or whatever you were doing.
 2 And, you could have the concentration of the
 3 acid, and calculate out that you needed twice as much to
 4 get the same effect.
 _ 5 _.._ Titration, simply° in the patients, means
 S that they realize that if they get a particular preparation
 7 that's very potent, they don_t need much° Xf they get a
 8 preparation that is not so potent, they need a lot.
 9 As opposed to oral medications which involve
 10 no titration. The only titration is whether you absorb it
 11 or not, whether you throw it up or not, and that is not
 12 titratable° Once you've taken the capsule, it either stays
 13 down or doesn't, it gets in your body or it doesn't.
 _ 14 With an inhaled substance, and by the way
 15 this by no means unique, having an asthmatic son, he
 46 titrates himself with his anti-oasthma drugs Just by
 17 breathing them in.
 18 This is a common form of delivering
 19 medications, not something rare. There are many medicines
 20 that are delivered by inhalation.
 21 And the patients Isarn to tltrate them. They
 22 learn how much it takes to stop the nausea and
 23 vomiting every bit as much as my son is learning how much
 24 anti-asthma mediclne he needs to stop his asthmatic attack_
 25 Zf the manufacture made four different

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