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 _I_rma_ __/'lh_T_._rmf_ ,a_L .I_i_r. _f_-I_._TT_10_.-_ " _he _
 ' ,.'_ _f_.:_ _r_ P_IFITi_-,Jobe, ne_r_psych_!_harmacolmg_si_--_i_. _a practi ce i n
 ,.: Illinois and former Professor of Pharmacology and Psych_ai_ry at the Louisiana
 : ::;_,_ State Univer_ity..Sch_l of Medicine in Shrevepo_ Louisiana, from Ig74 to 1984;
 ...c::9_rcAr_r_Kaufman, formerly a general practitioner i_ Marylamd_
 c_rre_t_y Vice-Pre_ident of a private medical consulting group involved in the
 evaluation of the quality of care of a_ the UoS_ mi_eta_ hospitals Ichroughout
 the _o_d, _ho_had _em_ve_xperiem¢_ _ _rug _bus_ treatment and rehabili=
 /_at!on programs
 h. Dr. Jo Thomas U_ger_eider, a full Professor of Psychiatry at
 the University of California in Los Angeles _ith extensive e×perienc_ in research
 on the medical use of drug_
 i_ Or. Andrew Well, ethnopharmaco]ogist, Associate Director of
 Social Perspectives _n Medicine a_ _he College of Medicine at _he University of
 Arizona, _ii_h extensive research on medicinal planing; and
 jo Or, Lester Grinspoom, a praci_icing psychia_rlst and Associate
 Professor at Harvard Medical School o.
 36. Certain law enforcement authorities have been outspoken in their
 acceptance of marlj_ana as an ahtiemetic agent° Robert To Stephan, Attorney
 General of the State of Kansas_ and himself a former cancer patient, said of
 chemotherapy in his affidavit in this record: "The treatment becomes a terror°"
 His cancer is now in remission° He came to know a number of heali_h care
 professionals whose medical judgment he respected. They had accepted marijuana

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