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 ...... _ I Q Would you characteri='e that as mild_ seveve_-
 2 how would you characterize that?
 .... 3 A Geneyaliy it'S mild as opposed to oral drugs,
 4 a smoked drug is tltratable, and patients quickly learn how '
 5 much they need to relieve the nausea. And that's the key.
 ..... 8 Yogi- can stop at that point that the nausea stops, and
 7 you'rQ th_oUgho
 8 Q HOW about the euphoric effect that's been
 ,-_ .... 9 attributed to marijuana?
 I0 Have you -- what impact have you seen that
 11 have, if any?
 ........ 12 A _ _ not sure I ever really evaluate that.
 13 That would requlre a complex psychoiog±c study, I suspect.
 14 SomeboQy who gets treatment, who goes through
 15 12 weeks of drugs i_ my office who doesn't throw "up_
 16 suspect, would be euphorlc, _ust 'because he didn't throw
 17 Up. I'm not sure _t's the direct effect of the drug.
 ....... 18 Q Mo_ mentioned the phrase "titration'0 a
 19 second ago_ and the government asked you quite a bit about
 20 ipotenoy of mar_uana and so forth.
 21 What is tltrat_on and how does that impact
 22 upon your opinion of ma_i_uana's accepted medical use?
 23 A T_a_ion is a chemical word. You may have
 24 had a chemlstz_I class where you dripped something into _-
 25 acid _nto a base -- and had an indicator that changed color

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