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 _ _=x:_
 ........ 149
 _... I Lawrence P. Whlte, _ho is running for the
 _: 2 California Medical Assoc!atlon p_esldency is the first
 3 medical oncologlst in the state of California, to m7
 4 knowledge, to be in such a poslt±ono
 5 So, It's representation and decision making
 e on-:: medical grollnds by inte:_n_sts, card_ologlsts_
 7 gastroenterologlsts, G.P.=s, people of th±s sort,, not by
 8 medlcal oncologls%s who are %here emptying the emesis
 9 basins and seeing the weight loss a_d the devastation°
 10 Q HOw about the America_ Cancer Society, should
 11 they be the standard for determining what accepted medical
 12 use is in the United States?
 13 A Z thlnk, probably, they have less input°
 "_" 14 I think that they a_ wonderful pegple, but
 15 the American Cancer Society, more %hen the AMA _s largely
 !6 lay people, who do wonderful work, but _ don't think should
 !7 be making Judgments on how people are treated in the
 18 offlce= I don't %hlnk that l_es w_th_n their domain.
 19 Q Going back to the immuno=suppressant side
 20 effect that %he government mentioned.
 21 Kave you seen any other side effects, from
 22 your patient's use of _ar_uana?
 23 A _ think probably %he only side effect _'ve
 24 seen, that _ could even know, would be sedation° Patients
 25 will be drowsy=

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