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 I down. Xt's devastating to my patients.
 2 Q Does marijuana improve the quality of life?
 3 A In my office, in my experience, yes. It
 4 decreases dramat_cally the incidence of vomiting in patient
 5 after patient after patient. And i can give you stories;
 8 unf_or%unately cannot get patient permission to use names_
 7 but over and over again it decreases vomiting and it
 8 improves appetite.
 9 - Q Doctor, do you think the American Medical
 10 Assoclat!on should be the standard for determining what
 11 accepted medical use is in the United States?
 12 A Not hardly.
 13 q Why,
 i_ 14 A They're a le,al org,,nizat, cn. , think it
 15 would be the same as any organization of any professional
 16 group of people trying to say how an office should be run.
 17 I don_t think that the American Medical
 18 Association has adequate representation, if for no other
 19 reason, on their executlve and deo!slon making bodies, of
 20 people who are dealing with drugs that cause nausea and
 21 vomlt±ngo
 22 X think that if you go through the AMA
 23 presidents over the last 10 or 15 years, _'m sure you won't
 24 find a medical oncologlst among themo I donWt think you_ll
 25 _ind one on the board.

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