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 /'_'_. I effect?
 2 A That's correct.
 3 The patients who vomit from chemotherapy
 4 traditionally -- I do not tell people to get somebody else
 5 th drive _hem to my office for their first treatment° I
 @ tell them %0 come here, if you are going to get sick,
 Z you'll have enough t_me to get home, even _f It's three or
 8 four hours from now, as a general rule,
 g Q Just how bad is this vom_tlng?
 10 A It varies. Currently, if _ were to take my
 11 commonest cancer, which is AIDS_related lynphosarcoma, a
 12 disease in a non-cured sltuatlon, has a median survival of
 13 six months Or fosse I would think that 90 to 95 percent of
 14 my patlents will vomit durlng thelr three-week "course,
 15 repetlt_vely,
 16 Most of them by the third or fourth week will
 17 start vomltlng. Most of them, _ tell them by the eighth or
 , 18 ninth week they're going to hate me and most of them do.
 I@ Q What sort of _mpact does that vomitlng
 20 pattern have upon their llfe, the patlent_s life?
 21 A _%_ hard to answer that one realistloaily_
 22 _'s a terrifying experience. ._t_
 23 terr_yln_ to go home to be alone, to be 30 years old, to
 24 be dying of a mallgnancy, and to be throwing up. it_s
 25 _erri_y_n_ to loose welgh_ because you ¢an|t hold food
 i ......................

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