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 fT_ I llke they have a wry neck, and they begin to shake and have
 2 spasms of their muscles and have to go to the emergency
 3 room for shots of Benedry!.
 4 That is common enough that _- the mention was
 5 made earlier of the cocktails using Reg!an, using
 6 a__hlstamAne0 the impllcatlon being that the antihistamine
 7 W_spart of the cocktail.
 8 _n t1_uth, the antih_,_tam!ne was being given
 9 to try and prevent the side effect of the high doses of
 10 Reglan which is this type of spas_o
 11 Q HOW do these various side effects compare
 12 with the side effects you have experienced from
 13 marijuana use by your patients?
 _!_'_'_ 14 A X have never seen a serious side effect or
 15 heard of a serious side effect in any of my patients.
 IS _'ve had only the one psychotic break on a
 17 patient getting THC. I have never seen or heard of it in a
 18 large group of patlente, in a clinical practice.
 19 Q Turning for a moment to the subject of
 20 vomitlng_ the government asked you about antlclpatory
 21 vomltlng and so forth.
 22 Xs A_ youl_ opAnlon that the vomlt!ng _
 23 caused by fear of the patlent, or do you think that
 24 vomiting is caused by the drug? _'_ a li_le confused o_
 25 that point.

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