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 ...... 143
 I blood level of it, because the patient threw it Upo
 2 But in particular, my' patients who he!d ie
 3 down didn't find that it did very much for them° The
 4 majority of them° and again a sma_ll handful of patients
 5 were young people who were marijuana experienced, didn't
 6 f_nd_that it offered them many advantages°
 7 _ The old people got n_ response whatsoever,
 8 and _he one priest I had was a dlsaster.
 9 q Did the patlents who stopped using THC return
 10 to marijuana?
 11 A Yes.
 12 Q Why do you thlnk that 'was true?
 13 A _% worked better and probably in today's
 !i_ _ 14 envlronmen_, If _hey don=t have _nsurance_ _t's cheaper.
 15 Q _lhat do you mean?
 18 A Have you priced out THC? $7.00 a capsule.
 17 I don_t ' know how many cigarettes you can buy
 18 for a week's supply of THC, but it's an expensive drug, and
 19 if you don't have insurance that covers oral prescriptions,
 20 as most people don't, you are paylng for it out of your
 21 pocket, So you're paying $60.00 a day, $50,00 a day for
 22 oral med_clneo ,!
 23 _ understand that mar_uana _s cheaper° I_
 , 2_ _ During cross-exam_natlon, you were asked
 25 about the immuno-suppresslon side effects of marijuana. o

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