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 _._,_ 1 drug_ THC, was not helping my patients, those few that took
 2 it° X can't reoall whether they even held it down or
 3 whether they threw At up°
 4 Q Xn your opln_on, Doctor, why do you think
 5 other doctors dropped out of the California program?
 ...... 6 - L_ A Those that Z talked with, and it really
 ? wasn't d_nner time conversation, _i suspect for the large
 8 reasons_ hut %ha%as the same reasons; -- but that's not firm
 9 data.
 10 Ires an unwieldy program. It was an unwieldy
 11 program, It had little use An my g_c, up of patients. That's
 12 the best I can answe- you.
 13 Q Turni_ for a moment to TMC, you indicated
 _ 14 during cross-exam_natlon, that you'd used it.
 15 Expla_._ to me why did you stop using it?
 16 A Well, the patients did not find they got
 17 relief. Those patients who were vomiting, couldn't hold It
 18 down.
 19 A patten% _= you k_%ow, we don'% think of this
 20 until youere confronted wlth a population of people who are
 21 throwlng up.
 22 When you throw up, you can't get anything
 23 down. Zt_m all that slmple, so how do you control nausea
 24 with an oral med_oatlon, that works in an hour or two, when
 25 you are throwing up. _t defies logic° You can't get a

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