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 I _t had no use in head and neck cancer; it had
 _ 2 no use in testicular cancer; tumors which it is commonly
 3 used for _oday. Sos there was a very small group of
 4 patients.
 5 SecondIy_ the manner in which, I recall, %he
 6 patients had used the drug, mandated hospitallzatlon. They
 7 could not get it as outpatients in the c!_nlco They had to
 8 be hospitallzed.
 9 _ X recall, there had to be_ in case what
 10 the state called a dysphorlc reaction, and someday I_li
 11 understand that words in case they had that, there had to
 ..... _2 be a non-smoking observer°
 13 There were forms that had to be filled out
 _p 14 before each encou/_ter_ I think fo_ or _Ive forms. And
 15 each form had to be f_lled o_t for each encounter, by not
 16 only the patients but the physIclan_o
 17 The patlents, as _ recall, were given a
 18 certaln time period in whlch they had to smoke the
 19 c_gmrette_ locked _n _he_r _oom with somebody watching
 20 them. And Z *caught the last _a_t o_ this mornlng_ % recall
 2_ _he remlnders about set and setting, _ ˘hlnk _ha_ the
 22 se_tlng was not all the bes%°
 23 _ dropped ou_ becau_e the paper work was
 24 unwleldy, because it had no pract_.cal relationship _o my
 25 patients, and because _ became conv_nced _ha_ the alternate
 [ .: <.

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