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 Other parents°asked the parents of the first chiT0 about it, were to}d of the
 use of marijuana, tr_ed it with their children, and saw dramatic improvernent_
 They accepted its effectiveness° In the words of the mother o? the first child:
 ", . . When your kid is riding a tricycle while his other hospital buddies are
 hooked up to IV needles, thelr heads hung over vomiting buckets, you don't need
 a federal .agency to tell you marljuana is effectiw:_ The evidence is in front
 of you, so stark it cannot be Ignored_ .6
 • c; 34. There _s at _east one hospita| in Tucson, Arizona where medlc_nal
 use of marijuana by chemotherapy patients is encouraged by the nursing staff, and
 some physicians.
 35. In addition to the physicians mentioned _n the Findings above,
 _ost]y onco]oglsts and other practitioners, the following doctors and health °
 care professionals, representing several d_fferenl; areas of expertise, accept
 C_- marijuana as medically useful in controlling or reducing emesis and testified to
 that effect in these proceedlngs:
 a. George Goldstein, Ph.D._ psychologist, Secretary of Hea]th for
 -_- the State of New Mexico from _g78 to Ig83 and chief administrator in the imple_
 mentation of the New Mexico program ut1_Izlng marlj_ana_
 b Ors Danle] Danzak, psychiatrist and former head of the New
 ...... Mexi co program ut i _I i z_ ng _arl j ua_a; r '
 . _- C.˘; Br_i TodCMikur_lya'_ _p_ch_ri_t_' an˘_ _ editoF of__uana: _:'
 _dlcal Papers, a book presenting an historical perspective of _ar_juana's
 ..... •edicai use;
 d_ Dr. Nor_B Zinberg, general psychla_r_st and Professor of
 Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School since _gs_;
 6 Affidavit of Janet Andrews, ACT rebuttal witness, par. 98.
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