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 I that I have not forgotten-lit
 2 Q Why do you think tha_ they choose Just three
 3 drugs?
 4 A He had to plck three, and perhaps he picked
 5 those that were worst in has experience, _ don't know°
 8 Q Worst as far as what?
 7 A Nausea and vomiting°
 8 Q W'ha_ mort Of impact: would choosing those
 S drugs have upon the results of the study?
 10 A Well, it would be _- first of all the
 11 patients who got marijuana would be those patients who has
 12 the worst drugs, who would be the most likely to throw up.
 13 It wasn't compar±ng apples and oranges.
 _'"_ 14 Sos to say that people threw up half the tame
 15 on platinum, and the only threw ulp a quarter on platinum
 16 and mari_uama, and they only threw up a quarter of the time
 17 on Cytox_n and THC_ it As not a randomized, controlled
 18 study either. There's no control to _ at all, because you
 19 are comparing apples and oranges°
 20 Xt a!so_ however disputed, because _t used
 21 drugs that very fsw of us were using.
 22 Plat!nol _eday is a very ˘o_on drug. At the
 23 time the study was set ups Platlnol was a drug that had
 24 Just sprung _nto our armamentarium. Very few of us used '_
 25 it.
 • I

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