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 I I canft be absolutely sure of that, but
 2 suspect so.
 3 Q Patrick used marijuana for how long in his
 4 treatment?
 5 A For hls treatment to the day. He has not
 6- used it elnce. He tells me when he smells marijuana at
 7 party, he gets slck to hie stomach.
 8 Q How many 7ears was that? "
 9 How many years since he stopped using
 I0 marlJuana?
 11 A Zt must be about 12 years.
 12 Q Turning to the Callfornla Research Program
 13 for a moment, why -= the government asked you why you
 _ dropped out,
 15 Can you run thought that again?
 16 A There were a number of reasons° Again, my
 17 clear memory, having discussed this with the physician who
 18 wrote the protocol, who will not remain anonymous for the
 19 records Dr. Bernard Greenberg, who_s is at the University
 20 of Arlzona in Tucson at this tlme, to _he best of my
 2_ knowledge° And at that time was at U.C. Davis, had trained
 22 at U o C, San Franclmco.
 23 _ sald to him, "Bez'n_e, why did you pick
 24 those three drugs? '_ And he said, _'Z don't know, I had to
 25 _i¢k three drugs." And it was such an outrageous answer

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