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 I approximately have scene d_rlng that per!od_ that were
 2 smoking marijuana?
 3 A Boy, that!s a hard question° I can tell you
 4 in my current practice I would estimate it in the range of
 5 50 percente
 6 -_ Q And how many was that per year that you see?
 7 A Z have_ as of last time my secretary told me,
 seen about 190 new patlents since _anuary Is_ this yearo
 9 JUDGE YOUNG: How many?
 10 THE WITNESS: One hundred and ninety new
 11 referred patlen_s with malignancies to my office, Your
 12 Honor.
 14 Q Is _hat falrly typlca_l for the last I0 years?
 15 A Zt'perhaps is hlghe_ than it's been because
 IS of the ravages of the A_DS epidemic by geography° And my
 17 office happens to be closest to the heart of the epidemic
 18 in San Francisco.
 19 Q _ want to turn now to $ohn and Patrick. The
 20 gove=nment asked you a series of questions about _hem, and
 21 ±ndlcated that i_ was I0 years agoo
 22 Would you have proce_ed in a similar manner
 23 today?
 24 A _ suspect I would have with what I have
 25 available today, yes.

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