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 I by the way, street drugs andstreet drugs have come into
 % 2 government testlng, Witness Ribov!ron and Isoprenozine
 3 (phonetic), have come from the street, not from the FDA,
 4 and have gone" to the FDA where they are now being tested as
 5 antl-cancer drugs.
 6 I %h_Ik i%+s pretty activate. My patients
 7 %ell me what they are on, even ._f they think I might
 8 disapprove, they still _ei! me, because they want to set
 9 well.
 10 Q During cross-examlna%ion, the government
 11 asked you a series of questions about the immuno_
 12 suppressant facts of marijuana.
 13 X'm curious, during your practice, have you
 .<5._ _4 noticed or mxperlenoed any patient, has any patient
 _5 reported t: you an infection as a result of
 16 mar_uana smoking?
 17 A No.
 18 Q How long have you been in practice?
 19 A My office opened in IS_SY.
 20 Q And how long did you prescribe marijuana?
 21 A You don't prescribe ito
 22 Q And how long have you been aware of patients
 23 using marijuana?
 24 A Since the early _70's.
 25 Q How many patients do you think you

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