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 I efficacy in nausea and vomltlng_ And I have to tell you,
 2 At does have some. Does it answer life's problems, nOo
 3 And in addition, if one is to not think in
 4 terms only of the positive side effects, since I was
 5 questioned before, immune suppresslon, Decadon is an immune
 6 suppressant par excellence_
 7 Q Is this d_g Dex_-?
 8 A Dex_ethasone -- Deca,_ron_ how about that?
 ...... 9 Q Okay, Decadron that+s easler'_heno
 I0 YOU mentioned that an awfu! lot of which you
 11 learn is based upon patient report_ and so forth, and _he
 12 governmen_ questioned yon fairly closely.
 13 How accurate do yon thirdc patient reports
 15 A In my practice, 1%hin/c they're probably
 16 pretty accura_eo
 17 Q Why would that be true?
 ...... _8 A My patlente, by an large, are responsible
 I@ people_ We communlcate, we talk. M_ office is a p!easant
 20 place; we have coffee; we sit and chat about what's going
 21 one I know where my patients go fo_ Thanksgiving and where
 22 they are going for Christma_
 23 And when my patAent_ land something that
 2_ doesn't work, they tell meo When _y patients, as some of
 25 _hem are, _e on 2_ different street d_ug_ for AIDS, which
 00o ,,3

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