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 . 13@
 _ I San _ranclSCOo
 2 JUDGE YOUNG: All rights thank you° All
 3 right°
 5 Q Doctor, you mentioned during your cross-
 6 examination, that you used a drugs and I may have thls
 7 wrong and the acoustics are a llttle bad here. but
 8 Dexaonoson (phonetic)?
 S A Dex_ethasone, it is a cor%ecosterold. It's
 10 a synthetic, Z believe, cortecosterold, which is an
 11 ant_emetlc. _t is used to decrease edema, it's used for
 12 allergic reactions, gt_s initial use was in things like
 13 adrenal insufficiency,
 _'_ 14 q You mentioned that you used it based solely
 15 upon anecdotal data and it was effective° 0
 16 Is that common prac%.ice among oncologists to
 17 prescribe a drug for emesls based upon an anecdotal survey
 • ....
 18 of patients or other sources?
 19 A There is an effective communlcatlon system in
 20 my peer group, so that when people have problems, when
 21 people need advise, we can communlcate one to another.
 22 Ye@, it is effec%_veo We do talk to each
 23 other about what works on patients, and Decadron was wldel_
 24 known even %hough there was no l;L%erature on it. in the
 25 early '70's as being a drug %hat seemed to have some

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