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 I -- JUDGE YOUNG: What about a double-bllnd
 2 study. Don_t these same considerations come up?
 3 THE WITNESS: _ think that most of the
 4 double-blind studies, Your Honor_ come up in phase Iil
 S studies° Studies which are designed to see whether a drug
 8 Is effective compared to a standard in practlce°
 7 _<___ _nltlal studies are not so designed. Xnltlal
 8 studies in patients usually _ust treat patients.
 9 _ When %he drug comes out of the test tube,
 10 into the racks, into the h_an belng_ therews no double-
 11 bllnding. But !t_ only when you have drugs which are
 12 compared to an effect±re or sarginally effective drugs that
 13 you double=blind or randomize°
 _'_ _4 There _s controversy. You know, this flag
 15 that people wrap themselves with that double-bllnd studies
 16 are the answer to all of man's ilis_ ! think are not trueo
 _7 Zt will not _equire _ double-bllnd study to
 18 cure cancer° Xt did not requlre a double-blind study to
 19 cure polio. Zt did not _equlre a double-bllnding to
 20 prevent smallpox_ _ _hlnk thlngs that em±nently work,
 2_ work. And everybody knows they work _n my community.
 22 X_m net a maverick slt_±ng here saying 1_ve
 23 dls¢overed somethlng new, or' Z_ve seen three patlents.
 24 This is what goes on in the Castro Distrlct of San
 25 Franclsco_ and it is not unlque to the Castro Dlstrlct of

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