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 I in my patient 9 who have Kaposi's sarcoma, and are ˘_ylng of
 • 2 thls illness And %hey ask me about some of the questions
 3 like what will these drugs do and what if I don't take its
 4 and so on, and isn't their a randomized study. And the
 5 answer is that if there's indication for treatment, it _
 @ _he_experlment _0 not treat is tolerable only in the
 7 _rad-itlon of =y people in gas chambers, and in prison
 , 8 camps°
 9 One cannot wi_hho!d treatment that ts
 10 palliative or life-saving for people who are dylng, And
 11 one cannot run the kind of studles to wlthhold these kinds
 12 of medications.
 13 So, _ tell my patients that I ca_t tell them
 _ 14 whether Velban or Vincis_rine is goln_ _o make their tumor
 15 go away, and nobody else can. All we can say _s that
 18 within ou_ experience it seems to help, but we're not going
 17 to randomize people to _e_ sugar water instead of Velban.
 _8 _n _he same way, _ c_n_ take.people who need
 19 chemotherapy when X have an effacE.lye anti-nausea, and by
 20 my clinical experiences not by my z'esearch experience, and
 21 say well some of you w_ll _et placebo and you can.throw up
 22 and maybe not come back for your treatment and X'II let 7o_
 23 _n on _he sec_e_ _he next _Ime _ha_ you _eally got placebo,
 24 _ don't think _hat_s e_hlcal. _ don't thank
 25 it's moral, _ think i%_s inhumane °_o be honest.
 i "<<'"

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