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 • 132
 2 Q Doctor, getting back to the controlled
 3 studies, and so forth, do you feel ires possible to have a
 4 controlled double-blind study _n the context of 8n
 5 antiemet!c?
 @ _ A _ think one could compete oral antlemetlcs _o
 7 an extent, but _ don_ think that one could compare a-
 S smoked substance in a double-bllnd study.
 9 No, X don_t believe that's possible°
 10 Q Why _s that?
 1! A I _hlnk that there is a distinctive odor to
 12 its and I think that most young people, and to be honest
 !3 with you, the bulk of my practice now are people who are in
 <_ 14 their 30's. The bulk of my patlent_ who are dying, are _n
 15 thelr 30's, are mari2uana exper!snc_.
 I@ They've had I% as have a tremendous number of
 1? people in the United States. They know what is tastes llke
 18. and what it smells llke. X don_t think that you could give
 18 _hem a placebo and they wouldn't know that that was a
 20 placebo.
 21 Q Doctor, are there any ethical conslderations
 22 in connection with the double-bllnd study in the context o_
 23 an an%leme%i˘ d_g?
 24 A I think there are real problems, i approach
 25 that, i_Z can discuss that without reference to marijuanas
 l ":"+

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