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 _ I Iooslng thelr anorexla.
 2 For all of the talk about the antl-nausea
 3 effects of marijuana, somewhere lost in _he shuffle is the
 4 fact that there Is no FDA approved drug _hat works for
 5 appetite %timulationo There are a lot for ladies --
 6 MS. SHIRLEY: ObJectlon_ Your Honors This
 7 is well beyond the scope of _he c_oss-examlnation at thls
 8 po_nt_
 9 3UDGE YOUNG: _Ii will hear ito Go ono
 I0 THE WITNESS: There are a lot of medlcatlons
 11 to suppress appetite° There is no drug that _'m aware of
 12 as a cllnlc!an_ now having seen several thousand patients
 13 in my offices that makes patlent:'s appetite come back
 _4 except for _ari_uana. And _ thi_ that this i_ beyond.
 _5 refute _n ou_ experience.
 _6 V_rtuall7 everybody _ho smokes marijuana has
 _7 an appeti_eo
 _8 Again, _ don_t _no_ how far you _an_ me to
 _9 go, but _ deal in a office _hat lock_ like a concentration
 20 camp _n our neighborhood. We're _n the gay communltT.
 2_ the_e patħents are anorexic, they_r_ thin. They can't ca%.
 22 and _ have a drug _ha% even _ _ can_% totally control
 23 !nausea, many of these patients _ho uae _he drug gain their
 24 :appetite back and at least can _alntaln some semblance of
 25 body.

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