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 +_'.,°_ : ,.': 32_ Soon thls child was riding a tricycle in the hallways of the
 Spokane hospita ! shortly after his ch_otherapy treatments while other children
 • :-.,_ there lere still vomiting into pans. tied to _nl:ervenous bottles in an attempt
 -- to. re-hydrate them_ to replace the _lqulds they were vomiting _p_ Parents of
 some of the other patients asked the parents of this- _lively _ child ho_ he seemed
 to tolerate his chemotherapy so well= They told of the marijuana use° Of those
 parents who began giving marijuana to their children. _one ever reported back
 encountering any adverse side effects° In the vast majority of these cases, the
 other parents reported significant reduction in their children's vomiting and
 appetite sti_lation as the re_it of _arlj_anao The st_??_ doctors and _urse_
 at the hospital knew of this passing on o? information about marijuana to other
 parents. They approved. They never told the first parents to hide their _on_s
 medicinal use of _a_ijuana_ They accepted the effectiveness of the cookies and
 the tea containing marijuana.
 33_ The-first child's cancer went into remission. _en it returned
 and, spread. Emotionally drained, the parents moved the family back to San
 Diego. California to be, _ear their own parents. Their son was admitted to a
 hospital inSaB Diego. Theparent$ In?or_ed the doctors, nurses and social
 workers there o? their son's therapeutic use of marijuana° No one objected.
 The child's doctor In San Diego strongly supported the parent's _ivi_g marijuana
 to him. Here in California, as in Spokane, other parents noticed the striking
 difference between their children after chemother_rpy and the first child_

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