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 . Q What type controls would you descrlbe
 _ 2 you have in your practice?
 3 A Patient would get a d:_ug, he wouldn't respond
 4 to it, he would take marijuana, he would.
 5 There Is very IAttle else that you would have
 8 to-Go and see _%ntll you see this rise after time after
 7 time. And X have seen it tame after time.
 8 Q Doctor, exactly what do you see?
 ...... 9 understand that the patient stops vom_tlng, but what
 10 exactly do you see that would Indicate that it works?
 !I A IndAcate_ I'm sorry, Z dldn't catch the last i
 12 of that. Xndloate? I
 13 Q What difference do you notate when a patient
 '_' 14 comes to you and isn't using marlJuana and is using one of
 15 the Other drugs_ but !a_er suddenly decides tO start using !°
 18 mar±_uana. What changes would you dAscover? I
 17 A X thank there are several. The patAents (I) !i
 18 come to the office. Zt gets emot_onally trying to try i
 19 support somebody through a mallgnancy_ and spending much of
 20 your time and effort slmply try±n_r to see that they keep
 21 their office appointments. Tzrylng to see that all the
 22 reasons they have to not ˘omlng to the office don_t really
 23 _evolve around %he _seue of nausea and vomiting.
 ..... 24 YOU see patients comlng_ keeping their
 25 appointments. You see pat%ents miraculously eatlng again,

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