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 75. The government's witnesses ask the Drug Enforce=
 ment Administration to regard marijuana as unacceptable because
 it is not perfect. But perfection is not an acceptable stan-
 dard for judgmento In medicine, perfection is never possible°
 Marijuana has side effects_, some patients may not llke smoking
 or may find the drug's _euphorIc _ effects unsettling_ But,
 imperfect marijuana is as *safe w fo_ medical use as imperfect
 Timoptic or Diamox or Pi!ocarPlne_ and imperfect marijuana is
 as _effective" in lowering intraocular pressures as any of the
 other imperfect drugs currently accepted as effective for use
 in glaucoma therapy°
 76. These hearings are not a search for perfection,
 but for appropriate =esulatory policies. Marijuana is _effec-
 ...... <_ tire in the treatment of giaucoma and X have no doubt that if
 marijuana were legally available many ophthalmologists woula
 not hesitate to p:escribe this drug to some of _heir patients.

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