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 - 23 -
 on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is routine and simple_ This may be the
 actual experience of these witnesses° Hepier_ to the best of
 my knowledge, obtained his supplies through an iND administered
 by others. He never directly applied for IND status as a
 _sponsor" nor was he at any time responsible foe ordering
 supplies_ Green's work is largely confined to animal research
 or involves the use of synthetic cannabinoids the government
 wishes to promote as substitutes for marijuana.
 72. In myexperience, obtaining !ND approval to
 conduct marijuana research_ _
 and acquiring supplies of cannabis
 '_ .....
 _rom NIDA, are extremely difficult and time consuming_
 73. Despite the fact I have held a number of
 previous INDs to evaluate marijuana, and am very familiar with
 ...... ._ii. procedures for acquiring supplies from N_DA, I have constantly
 run into unnecessary delays. For examplee Sn February of this
 year I applied to FDA for permission to provide mirijuana to a
 glaucoma patient who hasf in short tests_ proved responsive to
 this mode of therapy_ After months of delays FDA _approved"
 this iNDo However_ FDA "conditioned" its "approval." Until
 additional information is filed in FDA_ NIDA will not ship
 supplies. Meanwhile, my patSent is not receiving helps
 74. When you are dealing with patients who suffer
 from a pro@{essive medical disease0 such delays are intolerable
 and unconscionable° I also know my experience is not unique,
 but fairly typical° The system simply is not designed for
 treatment purposes

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