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 significant, dose-related, clinically significant reduction in
 intraocular pressures." To quote Dr. Robert _epler's
 conclusion as stated in the 1976 edition of "Marijuana &
 Bealth: _A Report to Congress_ _
 61. My own research, cited by }_eith Green, also
 demonstrates that marijuana affords glaucoma patients with
 significant reductions in their ocular tensions.
 62. Since the criteria of reflectiveness" in a
 glaucoma control drug is the drug's ability to produce a
 significant reduction in intraocular pressures_ marijuana must
 be considered an effective glaucoma control drug. To attempt
 to review marijuana's utility as a glaucoma control drug using
 ,' novel_ untried theories which stray beyond the "traditional _
 -_i_ leng accepted linkage between intraocular pressure reduction
 and effectiveness is not merely intellect_ally dishonest_ but
 it is scientifically questionable. Such an approach would call
 into question the reflectiveness _ of all ,glaucoma drugs cur-
 rently deemed to be _effective _ based solely on their ability
 to do what marijuana does; lower intraocular pressures° In
 shorts the vague alternative criteria for defining "effec-
 tiveness _ advanced by several government witnesses would, if
 accepted by this court, lead to chaos, and would call into
 question th6 _effectiveness" of all of the medicines now
 routinely used in glaucoma therapy for their intraocular
 pressure lowering properties. Government witnesses do not seem
 to understand that'playing fast and loose with long established

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