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 _ None of the government|s affiants advance a coherent alterna o
 tire system, theory cr criteria for judging utility. They
 certainly do not demonstrate that their vague notions of
 alternatives for ascertaining utility have any scientific or
 medical validity. To abandon the standard of utility which has
 been-universally accepted for nearly a century in favor of an
 untested system of analysis is a radical departure which serves
 no rational purpose and certainly has no place in the current
 58 Using what all concede is the accepted standard
 ....... of what is effective does marijuana significantly reduce
 intraocular pressure? Yes.
 59. On this point all witnesses agree. While
  " Dr. Spaeth_s comments on this point are more tentative, his
 statements are in accord with the very emphatic conclusions
 advanced by Dr_ Bepler_ Keith Green, and by the Academy. For
 example, Green states: _Over the years research has shown that
 smoking of marijuana ... leads to a dose-dependent fall in
 intraocular pressures. Eepler and Frank were the first to
 describe the ocular response to marijuana smoking .... These
 initial observations were examined further in more detailed
 studies which verified the earlier finding of a fall in
 intraocular pressure .... w
 60. In point of fact, all of the published studies
 on this subject which appear in the medical literature, many of
 which are referenced by Keith Green in his affidavit, conclu-
 slvely demonstrate that smoking marljuana results in "a

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