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 ...... ::_ "impressions" rather than meaningful scientific evaluation or
 direct clinical experience in reaching medically unfounded and
 factually untenable conclusions. Again_ this may be because
 these witnesses have no practical, firsthand experience using
 marijuana as a d_ug of therapy®
 42. I have known glaucoma patients, old and young,
 who could function normally while smoking marijuana as part of
 a routine of evaluation or therapy. For examples I monitored
 Mro Robert Randall's use of marijuana as a glaucoma control
 drug for more than a year_ During that entire period of time
 Mrs Randall chronically smoked ten (I0) marijuana cigarettes
 per day. Yet, he continued to function in a normal manner ands
 despite his dosage, I never once saw Mr. Randall act
 '_-_ nintoxicated" or _stoned n while using marijuana°
 43. I hayer of courses also encountered patients who
 did not like marijuana_s psychoactive properties initially.
 44. This is not unusual or unexpected. Some
 patients tolerate miotic drugs_ induced myopias other patients
 cannot effectively use them° The final test of drug _safety _
 is in the doctor's office, on a patient_by-patient basis.
 While Timoptic is legally "safe _ this drug was clearly not safe
 for those patients who died after receiving the drug.
 45_ If a patient fails to resp3nd to a drug, or if
 the drug causes undue distress_ the drug should not be
 prescribed to that particular patient. To the best of my
 knowledge no one is advocating that glaucoma patients be
 compelled against their will to employ marijuana. That is not

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