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 _ 36. No teratogenlc, carcinogenic episodes have ever
 been reported in cannabis users, unless complicated by
 concomitant disease p_ocesses.
 37. When subjects are properly instructed in the
 augmented medical treatment lessened amounts of _maximum
 dosage _ accompanied twice daily inhalations. No alterations in
 mood (euphoria, dysphoriaž panic reactions; etcH), accompany
 cannabis therapy which impairs function.
 38. When cannabis therapy is compared to invasive
 and/o= destructive operations (cryothe:apies_ laser or
 intraocular) glaucoma suzgery, comparable success rates are
 evident (age, gender, etiology and ethnicity considered).
 39. I cannot see how an alleged case of
 __i_- marijuana-induced_lung cancer which results in death is signif-
 icantly different in result from an acute adverse reaction to a
 myotic drug which results in :espiratory failure and death,
 except, of course_ that the patient with cancer is likely to
 outlive the patient who is unable to draw in a breath of air_
 40. Keith Greene in particulars emphasizes that
 marijuana may pr0duce "euphoria." Firsts X am unaware of any
 scientific or medical evidence which suggests mild euphoria is
 a clinically dangerous conditions Second, both Dr. Spaeth and
 ..... Keith Green assert that patients_ particularly older ones,
 simply cannot tolerate "euphoria" ana would be unable to
 function normally░
 41. This is utter nonsense and reveals the extent to
 which these witnesses rely on their personals untested

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