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 " first 5-10 minutes after inhalations has eliminated this major,
 though infrequent, cardiac adverse effect°
 33. Can marijuana cause death? ! have not been able
 to find one documented case in the medical literature of a
 cannabis-induced fatality. Given the millions and millions of
 people who smoke marijuana daily_ this facet, An and of itself,
 is astonishing_ Clinically speaking, inducin s death by
 marijuana overdose appears to be theoretically impossible°
 Unfortunately, this cannot be said for any of the "accepted _
 and "safe _ glaucoma control drugs currently approved for
 medical use. All of these drugs can produce lethal effects,
 even when properly prescribed and used.
 _ 34° Both Keith Green and Dr. Spaeth imply marijuana
 ........._..o causes cancer. First, there is no factual_ clinical data to
 sustain this assumption° _ven if we accept that mazijuana is
 similar to tobacco the threat is not as significant as the
 ....., government's affiants imply. Second, few g!aucoma patients
 will ever consume marijuana in the same way recreational
 tobacco smoker use tobaccos Xt should be noted that tobacco
 does not invariably cause cancers Only a fraction of the
 millions of Americans who smoke several packs of tobacco
 cigarettes (20-60) per day every day for three or more decades
 develop !un4 cancer.
 35. Presently no glaucoma subjects receive more than
 0o9-1.5 gm cannabis sativa sample (per day in two divided
 doses). Each inhalational therapy is through a pipe which
 minimizes subject cough.
 Cn :?20

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