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 - _enai_led. hfna_; eat regular _al s agai n _ith_ his f_ly _ ._ her be_e ._goi ng
 _-_ and talkative. H_s parents accepted h_s marijuana smoking as effective and
 helpfulo Two clergymen, among others, brought marijuana to this patient's homeo
 Many people at the hospital supported the patient's _arijuana therapy, _one
 doubted its helpfulnes_ or discouraged its This patient was asked for help by
 other patients. He taught some who lived _earby how to form the marijuana
 cigarettes and properly inhale the smoke-to obtain relief ?row nausea and
 vo_itingo When an ar_c1_ about this patie_t"s smoking marijuana appeared _n a
 local newspaper, h_ and his family heard fro_ _any other cancer patients who
 were doing the same° Most of them _ade an effort to inform their doctors. _ost
 physicians who kne_ their patients smoked _rljuana medicinally approved,
 accepting marijuaaaŽs therapeutic helpfulness in reducing nausea and vo_itlng.
 2_o _n October 1979 the Michigan legislature enacted legislatiom whose
 underlying purpose was to make marijuana available therapeutically for cancer
 patients and others° The State Senate pasted the bill 29-5, the House of
 Representatives lO0-O. -_n March 1982 the Michigan legislature passed a
 resolution askimg.the Federal Congress to try to alter Federal policies which
 prevent physicians from prescribing marijuana for legitimate medical
 applications and prohibit its _se in _dical treatments.
 29° In _nver, Colorado a teemage cancer patient has been smoking
 marijuana to control nausea and vomiting since 1985o He has done this in his
 hospital room both before and after chemotherapy, His doctor and hospital staff
 know h_ does this° The doctor has stated that h_ would prescribe marijuana ?or

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