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 visual function. No such evidence exists for Pilocarpine or
 beta blockers°
 26. The analysis of a drug's _safety for Use under
 medical supervision" should not be left to the "imasination" of
 researchers, but should instead be based on a rationa!t well
 informed evaluation of the risks and benefits to patients°
 27_ Dr. Spaeth states marijuana smoke and tobacco
 smoke are dangerous_ He then closes his Discussion by stating,
 _Since ! am not an expert in the area of _ug safety and
 toxicity_ X am not in a position to make an evaluation of its
 [marijuana's] safety for use under medical supervision beyond
 my earlier statements regarding the negative effects of its
 long_term chronic use. _
 28. Xt is difficult to appreciate the meanin s behind
 this rather chaotic and disorganized discussion of marijuana's
 assumed side effects° The government's witnesses do not
 provide any factual support for their assertions_ and they
 never actually explain why the_ believe marijuana is not safe
 for medical use in the treatment of glaucoma° More precisely_
 .... these witnesses do not explain why highly trained medical
 specialists_ like ophthalmologists, should be considered
 incompetent or unable to safely prescribe marijuana to
 29. The fact marijuana would have to be employed on
 a chronic basis is not unique or even unusual. Slauooma is a
 chronic disease. All drugs used to treat glaucoma are used

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