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 dru_s are considered _safe _ because their adverse consequences
 are considered less threatening to the patient than blindness,
 the certain consequence of withholding treatments
 20° Within this context is marijuana _safe? _ Yes.
 21. Several government witnesses assert marijuana
 may cause certain unwanted affects. As noted above this makes
 marijuana just like all other drugs used in the treatment of
 ....... glaucoma or, for that matter, in medicine.
 22. Keith Green, Ph.D. is a laboratory expert
 (rabbit works)_ Since he is not a licensed physician, he has
 never cared for cannabis (marihuana patient) in either acute or
 chronic glaucoma therapies_
 23. George Spaeth, M.D. at the Ad Hoc Committee
 (American Adademy of Ophthalmology, November 1983, Atlanta,
 Georgia) admitted to no personal experiences of treating
 glaucoma patients with cannabis_ nor had he performed any
 laboratory research with cannabis sat_va L. (marijuana) or any
 individual cannabinoid.
 24. Only 2 members of this Ad Hoc Committee (Academy
 appointed) were present° Malcolm Luxenbu=g, Professor and
 Chairman at Medical College of Georgia, Ophthalmology chaired
 this committee. Therefore_ only one person present of this
 Academy Committee meeting actually had experiences with
 cannabis augmented therapies_
 25. The final conclusion was housed in the singular
 statement that though marijuana inhalations lowered the lOP, it
 ..... '

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