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 _5 _
 , . 2. Kidney stones.
 3_ Steven-Johnson syndromes.
 15. Miotic Side Effects (Pilocarpine prototype)
 l. Blurred vision, especially in young myopes
 and elderly patients with moderate lens opacity_
 2. Browaches, headaches.
 3. Gastrointestinal signs, cramping_ diarrheas
 dehydration with _older _
 therapies in acu'_e angle closure
 4. Red eyes with three to four times daily
 5_ Retinal detachments.
 6. Indirect acting miotics (phosphaiine
 ...... __. Iodide) has induced prolonged (lifelong paralysis) in patiehts
 receiving certain anesthetic agents.
 7. Stronger miotics (Philocarpine 6_10% or
 Phospholine'Iodide 0_125-0o25% induces pupillary cysts which
 severely impair vision in the elderly°
 16_ Shortly after FDA approved Timoptic as a _safe"
 and reflective" glaucoma control drug I became aware o_ reports
 that this drug could cause cardia_ arrest. T_moptic has now
 be_n on the market for nine years. More than 3_0S0 reports of
 adverse events attributed to topical timclol were reported from
 September 1978 through December 1985 to the Food and Drug
 Administration. Nelson_ W.L., Fraunfelder, FoT._ Sills, J.M.F
 Arrowsmith_'J.B. and Kuritsky, J.N.s Adverse "respiratory and
 cardiovascular events attributed to timo!ol opthalmic solutions

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