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 they knew that the public and the courts would not tolerate our
 arrest or support a conviction.
 ll0. The current law is a fraud° It is a fraud which
 fails to achieve its supposed objective, the prevention of drug
 misuse, while it manages to deprive seriously ill patients of
 the right to prescriptive, medically supervised access to
 marijuana of a decent quality. Some law. Some policy_ It is
 a discredit to this country that such a pathetic and callous
 approach to the needs of seriously ill patients is tolerated as
 _law° _
 lllo The NFPe in opposing marijuana's medical use is not
 _fighting drug abuse. _ They are pushing a pathetic political
 agenda. But I, as a parents will not allow a group of self-
 appointed and myopic zealots, however noble their stated goals_
 to sacrifice the welfare of my child_ or anyone else's child on
 an alter of drug abuses
 ll2. Josh never _abused _ marijuana° He used it.
 Apparently_ the NFP does not comprehend the distinction° It is
 my prayer that this court in confronting the real issues
 involved in marijuana_s reclassification, will demonstrate
 a deeper wisdom in addressing marijuana's legitimate medical
 Janet Andrews
 °°.o.° .°
 Notary" Public
 My co=ission expires, _/_:;_/˘_ CO_-.-. ,..,

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