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 made any co_nto The marijuana was completely successful with this patient,
 who accepted it as effective in controlling his nausea and vomiting, instead of
 being sick for weeks following chemotherapy, and having troub!e going to work,
 as had been the case, the patient was ready to return to work 48 hours after
 r_ .
 that chemotherapy treatment. The patient thereafter always smoked marijuana,
 In the hospital, before chemotherapy. The doctors were aware of it, openly
 approved of It and encouraged him to continue. The patient r_su_ed eating
 regular meals and regained lost weight, hls Mood i_roved markedly, he beca_
 more active and outgoing and began doing thlngs together with his wife that he
 had not done since beginning chemotherapy.
 25. During the remaining two yea_ of this patient's life, before his
 cancer ended it, he came to know other cancer patle_nts who were smoking
 marijuana to _ relieve the adverse effects of their :he_therapy. Most of these
 patients had learned about using _rijuana _dlcally from their doctors who,
 havlng accepted its effectlveness_ subtly encouraged them to use Ito
 26.. A Boston psychiatrlst and professor, who travels about the country,
 has found a minor conspiracy to break the law a_ng oncologists and nurses in
 every ontology center he has vislted to let patleBts smoke marijuana before and
 during cancer chemotherapy, iHe has talked with dozens of these health care
 oncologists who encourage their patients to do thls and w_o_regar'd_:__is a_a_
 accepted _adlcal usage of _ari_a_a ,_ He has-k_r_r_e_who have obtained
 marljuana for patients unable to obtal_ It for themselves ....
 "_ 27. A cancer patient residing in Beaverton, Michigan smoked marijuana
 _dlcinally In the nearby hospital _here he was _ndergolng chemotherapy from
 early Ig79 until he died o? his cancer in October of that year. He smoked it in

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