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 106. I would never wish upon anyone the suffering Josh
 endured before we discovered how effective marijuana is in
 controlling vomiting. Why should Josh -0- or any other medical
 patient _4 be denied legal access to such relief? What pos-
 'sible argument do these people advance in support of such an
 outrageous proposition?
 107. It is easy to mouth hollow slogans about _drug free
 youth." But, in the real world where people are sick and
 dying, drugs are not abused, they are needed medical tools°
 Are we to deprive doctors of these tools because_ in other
 hands, the drug might be abused?
 108o And to what purpose? The fact that marijuana is a
 Schedule I drug did not stop us from providing Josh with mari-
 juana. The fact that marijuana is illegal, and not available
 by prescription, did not prevent us from giving Josh marijuana
 in a hospital with the knowing consent of his doctors, the
 nurses and hospital staff who supported our efforts. Anyone
 truly interested in Joshes welfare never raised any objection
 to his use of marijuana. Sos who in the hell is the NFP that
 they should seek to deny my son =- or anyone's son -- such
 109. It is just as clear that local, state and federel
 law enforcement officials knew_ through press reports if
 nothing else, that we were breaking the law to obtain marijuana
 to supply it to our child, a minor° Yet, none of these law
 enforcement agencies took any action against usa Why? Was it
 because we were somehow above the law? Or was it because_ in
 their heartst they knew we were right. And, in their brains,

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