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 103. Josh is now ten years old. _e survived. His one
 percent chance has become a lifetime. Marijuana made the
 difference between life and death for Josh. Buts even had
 things not turned out so wells even if Josh had died. as a
 result of his cancer and his chemotherapy_ marijuana would
 still have made a significant contribution to his welfare.
 There is life and deaths And there is suffering° Marijuana
 may not _save _ a patient from deaths but it makes the life
 which remains far more worth living°
 104. Josh's experiences have left deep emotional scars.
 Chemotherapy is a profoundly traumatic experience. Even now_
 nearly five years after his last chemotherapy treatment, there
 are times when Josh wakes from a dead sleep and lets out a
 .blood curdling scream. In his dreams _they _ are putting the
 mask over his faces preparing to give him another _push" of
 chemo, preping him for another operation.
 105. We understand that the National Federation of Parent_
 ! for a Drug Free Youth (NFP) is strongly opposing marijuana's
 reclassification for medical purposes° Clearlyr no one is in
 favor of drug abuse. But if _drug free youth" means we deprive
 children of relief from chemotherapy, then these people are out
 of their minds. Does #drug free" mean we allow children to
 suffer needlessly or die? Xs the NFP arguing that we should
 withhold legitimate medical care from seriously ill people
 because some incompetent parents cannot control the drug taking
 habits of their healthy children? This is madness.

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