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 25 -
 chemotherapy and radiation treatments_ marijuana is a walk in
 the park° Josh successfully used marijuana for two years
 without ever encountering one serious adverse physical
 effecta By comparisons the chemotherapy drugs he used
 destroyed his immune Systems damaged his one remaining kidney,
 caused all of his hair to fall outs Is marijuana "safe?"
 Compared to what? Certainly_ marijuana is far _safer _ than the
 • drugs currently approved as "safe _ by FDA for anticancer
 101. There was only one occasion when Josh had any
 noticeable physical reaction to marijuana° Shortly after
 drinking some teas his blood pressure dropped. While this
 reduction in pressure caused Josh no problems it did alarm a
 young intern. Josh's blood pressure quickly returned to
 "normal _ on its own_ No medical intervention was required.
 Contrasted with the nearly constant medical emergencies created
 by hischemotherapy drugss this slight decline in blood
 pressure could hardly be considered "serious" or _adverse_ '_
 102. Josh also suffered no serious mental problems as a
 result of his therapeutic use of marijuana° The much discussed
 marijuana _high" certainly did not cause him any problems and,
 to a significant extents was actually helpful_ I particularly
 remember Josh giggling once shortly after receiving his chemo-
 therapy. Giggling -- is that an _adverse n effect? In the next
 i room, a child without marijuana was fighting for his breath
 while vomiting up bile.
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