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 already _cancer free H and that continuing chemotherapy could be
 92° We asked what he meant_ The doctor then told us
 i that, in light of Josh's low blood count_, if he continued
 ! .....
 chemotherapy it was possible he could die from some seemingly
 minor ailment like a cold or the flu ands during the autopsy,
 we would discover that the additional chemotherapy treatments
 were unnecessary because there was no mo_:e cancer left in
 Josh's body.
 93. Jack and I were deciding our son's fate. When
 we left the room we looked at one another and saidw _Guess
 there's no doubt about this one. _ As it turned out, Jack felt
 Josh's chemotherapy was becoming increasingly destructive and,
 despite the doctor's advice_ should be discontinued. I was
 wracked with confusion_ Chemotherapy ha4 become a way of
 lifeo I was committed to continuing chemotherapy.
 94. The next week was a torment as we debated what
 to do. We were under tremendous stress_ operating on
 instincts. EinallyF my husband and I agreed° Josh would stop
 taking his chemotherapy. We would see how things developed°
 If there was an obvious problem, Josh could always start chemo
 95. In September, Josh started Kindergarten. He had
 lived long enough to go to school. Xn October, 1982, his
 Hickman lines a constant reminder of his hated chemotherapy
 treatments, was removed.

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