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 therapeutic use than highly trained medical professionals. It
 would have been virtually impossible for these professionals to
 know what we knew without breaking the law.
 82. The pharmacologists Josh_ doctors and many
 other hospital staff members_ strongly supported what we were
 doing, regardless of the law. I knew that many of these people
 would not hesitate to obtain marijuana for their own children
 if they were confronted with similar circumstances°
 83. After nine months of chemotherapy_ we felt we
 were making real progress in Josh's treatment. Then he
 underwent anothe_ exploratory operation° The surgeons found
 and removed a third tumor from his right lung. Following the
 operation, Josh's doctors recommended that we extend chemo-
 therapy for another eight months.
 84. At this juncture Josh_ despite his improved
 appearance_ was still gravely ill. The chemotherapyt even with
 marijuanas was extremely draining° It was also severely
 damaging his immune system_ Josh's blood counts -- a way of
 measuring patient health -- became critically low.
 85. Chemotherapeutically-impaired immune systems and
 low blood counts expose cancer patients to all manner of risks°
 Common infections which healthy people ea_ily fight off can
 become life-threatening to a chemotherapy patient whose immune
 system is impaired by the toxic drugs used to fight the
 cancer° The body_ already weakened by the cancers simply
 cannot resist even minor infections.

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