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 Jack and I did what we felt _= knew -_ was the right thing to
 79° We were surprised that the reporters were so
 sensitive to our needs° None of the resulting articles were
 condemning as the reporting was honest and straightforward.
 Editorial writers strongly supported our actions_ No one _-
 not the police, not the State, not the DEA -_ despite our
 ........ public "confession _ of criminality _= took any action to stop
 us from providing Josh with marljuana_ I_ve included a number
 of the print articles which appeared around this time as
 Exhibit 2.
 80. In January_ 19B2_ physicians installed a Hickman
 line (a _Mediport _) which allowed for the direct delivery of
 drugs into Josh's bloodstream without having to use a needle.
 Josh continued receiving Cisplatin for the next nine months.
 Whenever he received treatment, we brought along marijuana
 cookies or tea and these continued to provide Josh with relief
 he could not obtain from prescribed antiemetic drugs.
 81. During this time ! began having long
 conversations with Joshes doctors_ nurses and other hospital
 staff members. Many were very interested in Josh's use of
 marijuana. In particulars I remember many long conversations
 with the hospital pharmacologist who wanted to know as much as
 possible about Josh's treatment° How much marijuana was Josh
 using, how long did the beneficial effects last, how did we
 bake with marijuana? I realized that, because federal policies
 were so restrictive_ I actually knew more about marijuana's

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