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 76. When we did the interview, we understood there
 ...... were unknowable risks involved in "going public." Marijuana
 was, after all, illegal° Marijuana is a very emotional sub-
 jeot. We knew enough to realize that there are a lot of people
 T ..... who"are involved in the so-called "anti-drug _ movement. We
 also knew some zealot prosecutor out to make a name for himself
 could try to take Josh away from us as "unfit parents" for pro-
 viding a minor with marijuana. We weighed these risks and
 decided to do the interview. After all_ it might help someone
 else _s child.
 77. Following the appearance of the story in the
 Wall Street Journal [See Exhibit if, we were overwhelmed by
 calls from local and state newspaper repo_:ters, and television
 and radio stations, i realized that by speaking to these
 reporters i was admitting that Jack and I were breaking the law
 to get Josh the marijuana he needed. I also realized that
 every time I spoke with a reporter the resulting article or
 news story would be seen by hundreds or thousands of people. I
 knew that for some of those people the story would be more than
 an odd news piece -- it would provide them with a key to relief
 for themselves or for a wife or husband o_ child stricken with
 cancer and receiving chemotherapy.
 78. There are times in life when silence is not a
 virtue. I knew there were lots of other parents who had
 children with cancer and if I could reach only a few of these
 parents -- could help only a few kids get through chemotherapy
 -= it was worth the risk° I am very proud, in retrospects that

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