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 their chemotherapy, they would vomit endlessly, could not eat,
 could not get out of bed. By contrast, Josh remained very
 attires retained his weights ran down the hospital hallways and
 acted pretty much like any four-year old.
 73-. Once again other mothers also noticed. It was
 not long before they were coming up to u_ and asking why Josh
 seemed to do so much better than their child. There was such
 pain in their eyes. Every time we were asked it broke my
 heart° We always tried to bring more cookies or tea than Josh
 needed. Whenever another parent took our suggestions and saw
 ...... their own child's dramatic impnovement, I felt a great sense of
 having helped.
 74. I was increasingly haunted by the knowledge of
 _ all the parents who did not know about marijuana, and of all
 the sick children like Josh whoa without marijuanas were being
 condemned to unnecessary suffering and, in many cases_ death.
 I wondered how the people behind this cruel policy could live
 with themselves. Certainly they knew°
 75. Alice O_Leary and Robert Randall continued to
 provide me with the most recent information on marijuana and
 chemotherapy. Around this time Mr. Randail contacted me and
 said that a reporter from the Wall Street Journal was doing an
 article. Would I like to speak with him as the parent of a
 young cancer patient? I had never spoken with a reporter
 before. After talking to my husband, and to Josh's doctors, I
 agreed to an interview.

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