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 69. The doctor reported back to us a few days
 ........ later. California did have a marijuana/THC program, but
 restrictions on the use of marijuana were very severe and
 limited to only a few patients receiving certain chemotherapy
 p ....... drugs. The good news was that Josh was receiving one of those
 drugs_ Cisplatin. The bad news -- there were age restrictions_
 Only cancer patients over eighteen were allowed to receive
 70. Josh clearly didn't qualify° Our son could
 legally suffer like an adults but his physicians were powerless
 to help him legally secure relief. We were outraged that, as
 parents_ we could not "consent _ tO Josh_s participation in the
 71. We told Joshes doctors at Children's Hospital
 that_ lacking a legal alternatives we intended to continue to
 obtain marijuana for Josh to use while he was receiving his
 chemotherapy in the hospital_ We all knew this was
 _illegal. '_ None of the doctors or nurses or hospital staff
 raised the slightest objection. By thei_ actions Josh_s
 doctors, who were unable to legally prescribe marijuanas
 strongly supported our efforts to make his chemotherapy
 treatments bearable. Our mutual goal was to save Josh's
 72. At Children's Hospital in California we
 encountered the same stark differences we had experienced in
 Washington. Other children Josh's age and older were
 devastated by their chemotherapy treatments° After receiving

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