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 usually caused very intense vomiting. We hoped marijuana would
 help and agreed to another round of chemotherapy with the new
 65. Jack and I had read enough to know that once a
 ! ........ cancer starts to spread chances of recovery are greatly
 diminished. Clearly_ the first round of chemotherapy had
 failed to prevent spreading. Josh_s chances of recovering, of
 living anything like a no,male healthy life were receding.
 Fearing we were about to lose Josh, and under great emotional
 stress, we decided to move back to San Di,_go, California, to be
 near to our own parents.
 66. Josh was admitted to Children's Hospital in San
 Diego and was placed in the care of three oncologists and a
 social worker. Josh's doctors in Washington State sent his
 entire medical history to the Children's Hospital8 but the
 hospital put Josh through another intensive battery of tests.
 Then we went into a interview.
 67. In the interview we immediately told Josh's new
 Oncologist that we were giving Josh marij_lana cookies and teas,
 and that marijuana was extremely effective in controlling his
 vomiting. We asked if he could legally prescribe marijuana to
 Josh during his chemotherapy treatments under the California
 state program.
 68. The physicians, nurses and the social workers
 expressed no objections to Josh's using marijuana. Josh's
 Oncologist told us he would check into the possibility of
 getting it legally for Josh to use.
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