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 61o In August, 1981, after receiving chemotherapy
 for nearly a year, Josh underwent a second surgical proce-
 dUreo The operations an exploratory, came up negative. Joshes
 doctors told Jaek and me they couldn't find, see or sense any
 I ...... additional cancer. The news made us very happy and Josh looked
 forward to discontinuing his chemotherapy treatments. We felt
 we had beaten the odds° We were wrongs
 62° Our elation did not last Iongo In November_
 1981_ X-rays showed sudden additional tumor growth and surgery
 was performed. During the operation, surgeons discovered that
 ....... the cancer had spread into Josh's lungs -o- a very bad sign.
 During surgery the doctors removed approximately 1/20th of
 Joshes left lung in an attempt to stop the disease from
 spreading more.
 63. Following the operation the doctors told Jack
 and me that Josh could not receive any mo_:e radiation treat-
 ments. He had already reached this lifetime limit for radia-
 tion exposure during the first year of treatment. Additional
 radiation treatments would be more harmful than helpful°
 64. Even while telling us that additional radiation
 treatments were counterproductive, the doctors stressed that
 additional treatment was necessary because the cancer had
 spread into Josh's lungs. This spreading had to be stopped°
 The physicians recommended a continuation of Josh's
 chemotherapy treatments. But, they also recommended that a
 news extremely powerful anticancer drug called Cisplatin_ be
 introduced into Josh's therapy. They warned us that Cisplatin

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