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 57, There were times during Josh's treatment when
 the sheer madness and the meanness of the law overwhelmed me.
 Why would the government allow Josh's doctors to prescribe
 morphines but not marijuana? It is perfectly legal to pump my
 ...... fouruyear old son full of extraordinarily t_0xic chemotherapy
 drugs (essentially posions), but God forbid that anyone should
 try to legally provide him with a much safer drugs like
 marijuana-! This policy is so stupid_ so insensitive to human
 needs and legitimate medical treatments it is evils
 58. Why were all those other children whose parents
 did not know about marijuana being allowed to suffer? It was
 this needless sufferingF suffering which we saw everytime we
 went to the hospital, that gave to sleepless nights. All those
 vomiting children would have benefited from a more sane and
 rational policy.
 59., Around Aprils 1981_ after At was clear to us
 that marijuana was providing Josh with critically needed
 medical relief_ someone gave me the name of a group called
 NORML. i contacted NORML and they gave me a phone number for
 ACT. I called ACT and spoke with Alice O_Leary and later with
 Robert Randall. Mro Randall legally smoked marijuana to treat
 his glaucoma_ Ms. O_Leary worked with patients and tried to
 help them legally obtain marijuana.
 60. Ms. OtLeary and Mrs Randall were extremely help-
 ful. They provided Jack and me with additiona! information_
 information which helped us better use the marijuana we
 ..... acquired.
 ............ ......

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